Let’s Build Long Term IB Partnerships

Pick up the pace or build your success from the ground up with Stratton

Become an IB


You have a large social network which includes traders and people inclined to investments. Your personal connections can help you influence a large number of traders to join Stratton. Then you can start making commission off their trades.



You have an online or offline trading school, perhaps you organise webinars or seminars to train traders and your are the go-to person for finding the right broker. You can introduce your students to Stratton and share the success.


Seminar Guru

You organise or present seminars, or both! Through seminars you are exposed to the trading community and make connections fast. You can brand your seminars with Stratton and start building a large circle of referrals under your name.


Stratton Representative

You know your region or city inside out and are well connected with the trading community in it. You can become the official Stratton representative in the area and with our help bring in your traders to Stratton and build your IB brand.

What You Get from the Stratton IB Program

Build Your Business with Our Support

Expand your Potential

Build your plan from the ground up with Stratton.

Choose your Payouts

Tell us what works best and we’ll create a plan.

Scale Up Your Rewards

Your rewards increase with your performance.

Expect Full Support

You plan. We help you execute. You earn.

Become a Master IB

Recruit sub-IBs and build up your empire.

Track Your Earnings

Use our top-notch tracking & reporting system.

The Most Comprehensive IB Area

Focus on conversions and let our awesome system make tracking & reporting super easy

  • Keep track of all your traders and their activities at all times
  • Filter all aspects of your search to easily find the info you need
  • Detailed statistics of all the traders you have introduced to Stratton
  • Create and export accurate reports on all elements of your business